About us

I'm home is a unique and different interior design and lifestyle store in Sundbyberg and the internet. Here you can buy furnishings, furniture, clothing, or accessories. The products is carefully selected from Danish and Swedish suppliers.
Here you can find the detailes that highligt to your home, something special to yourself or to a friend.
Welcome and be inspired

The dream
The shop I'm home is a dream that has matured over many years before it came true. The goal was to create a store and a shop that can inspire people. Where there is something for everyone, with products that are unique, a perfect blend of selected suppliers. A type of store that I have longed to visit. Your home can be lifted and made more personal with small means and details. These details can be found here. I'm home is also an ideal place to visit when you need a gift for someone, or when you need a "go-away-flower".

I'm home has several meanings.
The name tells you that I'm working with interior design. I sell furnishings from many fine providers and there is also clothing and accessories that brightens up.
The name also describes the feeling I want to give you that visit the store. The feeling of being at home. I want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable.
The third meaning of the name, I'm home, this is for my own part. Professional I am now at home. It feels so great to work with the things my personality is best suited for. Getting to buy the best goods, to be creative, to have to give good service and help and give tips for the peaople who visits me. A place where I can be my best self and a place where I look forward to meet you.
I'm home, a shop to enjoy.
Best regards Joanna

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